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Katinka Versendaal | The Eatelier
  -  Article   -  DIFD: There is a Lack of Connection
DIFD: Dutch Institute of Food and Design | The Eatelier: Publications #TheEatelier

DIFD: There is a Lack of Connection

“There is a lack of connection from the food design field to the gastronomic world.”

Katinka Versendaal is an experimental food designer. She is deeply interested in what is happening in the world of food as well as in socio-cultural trends, scientific advancements, and their potential impact on the way we eat today and in the future. Katinka founded her own food design studio, The Eatelier, with the purpose of translating scientific research and technological innovation into the world of food. The Eatelier develops research through an interdisciplinary lens, which then is translated into food and hospitality concepts. The aim is to initiate product innovation and to create compelling culinary experiences for a wide variety of audiences in order to promote the creation of a more delicious, healthy and sustainable future.

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I am Katinka Versendaal, the designer and face behind The Eatelier. I am fascinated by big world issues like climate change, health problems and food security issues and what they mean for the way we eat, now and in the future. I wonder how we as humanity have come to this point and therefore I research the historical, ecological and social value perceptions around humans, nature and food and the relationships between humans and non-humans. My subject of research, and my medium for expressing my ideas, is food and its future. I therefore define myself as: “gastronomic futurologist”