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28 Grams of Happiness: Expo
  -    -  28 Grams of Happiness: Expo

28 Grams of Happiness: Expo

Alongside the food experience proposed by The Eatelier and PIPPENS, the homologous exhibition, 28 grams of happiness, took place, based around the same ambition as the food experience: cultivating mental and emotional well-being.

The exhibition has been curated by Justine Kontou. Kontou creates multi-sensorial experiences to enhance well-being in spaces. By means of the integration of nature, mindful design and art, which stimulates the senses, she tries to better attune the environment to the needs of mankind.

For the exhibition 28 grams of happiness, Kontou selected work by various designers and design studios to bring visitors in a positive state of mind. Many works and installations are inspired by the wonders of nature and therefore generate awe in people. It tends to let your mind go from everyday life and worries and guides you into being in the “present moment”, bringing the total experience to a complete journey in the pursuit of happiness.

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Photography by Ruud Scheerens & Rive Roshan