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Evolution of the Omnivore: The Book
  -    -  Evolution of the Omnivore: The Book

The Book

Evolution of the Omnivore: The Book

What effect will the rising temperatures have on the production of common foods? What would happen if we put the invasive species on the menu? Are the tomatoes we can find in the supermarket advanced pieces of technology or still products of natural processes? And could a plant become a brand? Can we hack our brain’s performance with our lunch? What would be the perfect meal in a fast-food world? Can fast food be personalized to our taste? Or could food become medicine? Could we, literally, eat our way out of our problems? And what would that taste like?

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You can order the book at bol.com, boekenbestellen.nl & bruna.nl.

It’s also available as an eBook at payhip.com.