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Designer Katinka Versendaal leads a multi-disciplinary, research driven design studio which uses speculative gastronomy as a tool to provoke an exploration of the nature/culture divide, to uncover the deeply interdependent and intertwined relationships between humans, the world and the beings surrounding us and to envision regenerative and just futures of food.


We examine the historical, ecological and socio-cultural context that have led to the current diet. We analyze the global issues surrounding food security and ecological changes and explore their significance in the local context, for which we imagine alternative visions for the future.

In collaboration with academics, scientists, chefs and food producers, we delve into an artistic research process which results in the development of menu’s, dishes, products and installations that respond to these newly developed theories and future aspirations.

Building on the thought that ‘we are what we eat’ Katinka’s work investigates the historical, ecological and socio-cultural context of food and translates her findings into food experiences, products and installations in order to propose alternative visions for the future.

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Katinka Versendaal


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